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NPS Diesel is official distributor of diesel engines for industrial and marine applications. We are official distributor of John Deere, Doosan, DAF, Nanni and Sinocox products. Zenoro, Xeamos and Ioda are our own brands which we design and build in-house at our HQ in Ravenstein, The Netherlands. Visit our website to learn more about NPS Diesel.

John Deere parts
John Deere distinguishes itself as one of the most well-known brands in the market. We have plenty of spare parts on stock for these engines. With genuine spare parts, the lifespan of your John Deere engine is certain to last a long time.

Our product range includes, amongst others, several types of filters such as oil filters and air filters. Furthermore, we also offer genuine John Deere V-belts, injectors, water pumps, fuel pumps and any other spare parts you might need.

Genuine John Deere Plus-50 II oil, John Deere Break-in Plus oil, and John Deere Cool-Gard II coolant are also available, directly from stock.

Nanni parts
Nanni Diesel specialises in manufacturing diesel engines for marine applications. Whenever these marine engines require maintenance, we are happy to assist in finding the right part. Whether  it’s an O-ring, any type of filter, V-belt, water pump or impeller,  simply place your order via our webshop and you can fit your new parts within just days.

Doosan parts
The engines and parts of Doosan engines are a class apart due to their  versatile use in many applications. For replacement of Doosan parts, we have a wide range of filters as well as other maintenance or repair parts like injectors, turbo’s and all kinds of gaskets ready for you to order and use. Order today to receive the parts as soon as possible.

Zenoro parts
Our own brand Zenoro builds generator sets for superyachts as well as applications in the commercial marine industry.  To make the most out of your generator, we have a wide range of genuine Zenoro parts on stock. We offer Zenoro sensors, pressure switch valves; ready to be fitted to your Zenoro generator set.

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