Delivery & return policy


Delivery & Return Policy

Return of shipment is very easy at NPS Diesel Shop. Fill in the return form, and send back the parts including the return form and purchase order to the return address.

You can return or reverse your order within 14 days. Make sure the products and packaging are undamaged. In case of damage, usage or unpaid shipment on the returned parts, we can charge you for restocking.

The shipment is always at risk and expense of the sender. In case of questions, please contact our customer service.

On this page, you will find important information about retuning and exchange. The procedure is explained below.

Terms of return

Returning parts is only possible under the following conditions, as far as reasonably possible.

The term of notice of 14 days after the part is received has not yet expired.

  • Part(s) has/have not been fitted or used.
  • Part(s) has/have not been damaged.
  • Part(s) is/are provided with the proper labels and/or stickers.
  • Part(s) is/are packed in the original packaging with the supplied warranties and operational instructions.
  • Part(s) is/are provided with any promotional material you might have received with the order.

Exchanging parts

You can return any parts, including parts bought in sale. In this case the same terms and conditions apply as returning and exchange of an order.  In case you wish to have a different part, you can return your part(s), and immediately place an order in our web shop. If you place a new order please take in account that, depending on the payment method, the order has to be paid right away. In short, you return your old shipment within the term or notice, and place your new order like you are used to.

Step 1: Recall the agreement

Recalling the agreement before returning your order is not mandatory. If you choose to recall the agreement, you can do this the following way: By sending an e-mail to with: Your name, address (in case of business purchase name and address of the company), the order number, and part numbers of the parts you wish to return.

Go to step 2 for the returning procedure.

After we have received your recall, the term of notice ends and the shipment has to be delivered to us within 14 days. Recalling the agreement is not mandatory. In case you will send the return package before the 14 days term of notice has ended , you can also skip recalling the agreement and begin your return shipment process at step 2.

Step 2: Fill in the form for recalling and returning or let us know

Download the form Click here, fill in the form and add this to your returning shipment. Don’t forget to fill in the order number. When the order number is known to us, we can process your return shipment quicker, so you receiver your money faster. The order number can be found in the order confirmation e-mail that we have send directly after you have placed the order.

Step 3: Return the package.

Pack the parts, add the return form and make sure the parts cannot move freely within the package to prevent damage during transport. Send the package to:

Return address for packages from the Netherlands.

NPS Diesel B.V.
Afdeling: Return Webshop
De Hammen 1
5371 MK Ravenstein

After we have received your package.

Within one to two office days, after we have received your package you get an e-mail to conform the reception. After reception, we will judge if the part is in good condition and complete to be sold as ‘new’. Has the part been used and because of this or any other reason damaged or incomplete, we will charge you for this. These costs will be the same as the sales price of the part you have paid, or in the case of an incomplete part, the costs we incur to make the part complete again.


In case you would like to recall your purchase, we will make sure to pay back the amount purchased including any shipping fees and/or any other costs as soon as possible and at least within 14 days from the moment we have received the return shipment. The shipping costs back to NPS Diesel Shop will not be reimbursed. The payment will be made the same method you have used to pay us.

In case the products are not returned in the same condition as we have shipped them, with the result we cannot sell them in our web shop, we will contact you about the handling. In this case, it is possible that we will have to charge you, as mentioned above.

Do you still have any questions about returning your purchase?


Telephone: +31 (0) 486 201 600