John Deere Oliefilter RE59754

John Deere Oliefilter RE59754

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John Deere oil filters are expertly engineered to catch small particles like dirt and other contaminants before they pollute your engine. Dirty oil will slow you down, leading to less productivity and shorter service intervals. That’s why John Deere filters are tested to make sure they capture more dust than lesser quality filters.

When you’re considering oil filters, keep the following in mind:

  • If the filter does not have adequate dirt holding capacity, dirty oil will begin to bypass the filter prior to the filter change interval.
  • The bypassing of the filter will allow debris into the engine causing unnecessary wear and tear.


  • Even pleats and media spacing ensure even filtration for better overall protection without gaps.
  • Spiral and crimped center tube adds strength to prevent media from collapsing and letting unwanted particles into your system.
  • Rubber gaskets encourage a tighter seal than plastic gaskets found in competitive filters.

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