Nanni V-Belt 48108133


Nanni V-Belt 48108133

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This genuine Nanni V-Belt 48108133 will increase the lifespan of your diesel engine and will ensure many more hours of save operation. The V-belt is a continuous belt which is used to drive multiple drives in an engine. To accommodate the flexing in multiple directions, belts used in engines are almost always multi-grooved. Reasons to replace the V-belt, are for example when the belt has dried out, has tiny cracks in it or when it has become wet from oil. Any damage to the V-belt can endanger the optimal operation of your engine and can therefore lead to more downtime or even more serious engine issues. The 48108133 Nanni V-belt is the perfect replacement for your current Nanni V-Belt. Unsure which V-Belt your engine needs? Contact us to get technical assistance.